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When learning anything you need to ensure your mindset is robust.

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Does it matter if you have a business Degree or Diploma?

There has been a lot of hype around upskilling and making sure you are the most up-to-date qualifications and knowledge to keep you competitive in the marketplace. I personally am not a very highly educated person but I love learning. I love learning about the world, about business policies and what makes a business successful. I love learning about marketing and how sales can make or break a company, no matter how innovative the service or product they’re offering is. When it comes to learning this is two options, you can go the formal vocational education View Now or you can enrol in a university business education. Last month, there was a position that opened up in lower management and I thought, I have the experience, I can do the job, I should apply! The pay upgrade was also a big motivating factor because let’s face it, we could all use the extra dollars. Enrol in a business degree today.

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Diploma with Essential Subjects

With the help of my Manager, I prepared my application and submitted my up-to-date CV and a cover letter explaining why I want the role and why I believe I am the right person for the role. I went through the first round of interviews – did really well might I say so myself. Went through the second round of interviews – aced that one too. Then came the decision. The words, “we regret to inform you that you have not been successful,” still rings in my head till today. My Manager did some digging for me and found out that whilst I did get through to the final round and they were very impressed by me and my history with the organisation, the only difference between me and the other candidate was our qualifications – or lack of my qualifications.

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Financial Analysis for every organisation type

Gutted, I decided to do something about it. I thought OK – what course should I do to improve my career prospects? I thought since I loved business, why not do a business course? I started looking into the different courses and started weighing up my options. I knew I didn’t want to do a certificate because I felt that for me, the certificate will not help me get to the next step up. When weighing up whether a diploma or a degree was better for me, I weighed up the units I would learn versus the time it would take me to get the qualification. After all that, I decided to do a that every business organisation needs to have a Bookkeeper or Accoutant so it made sense to enrol a course that covered those subjects, course information via this website. Having said all that sometimes you want to get a certificate but not undertake a 12 month course. This is where you could choose to study Certificate in BAS Agent Registration Skill Set. This course allows you to become an BAS Agents and it only two units, which you could graduate in under 3 months. Learn more about becoming a BAS agent and see if its the right course for you.


Cool facts about University pathways

The main reason for having chosen to do a Diploma of Business was the duration and the university pathways it afforded me. With the online option I chose, I could complete the course in as little as a year and I could transfer the credits to a university degree, which could save me up to a year off my bachelor’s degree! As a Diploma of Business is a nationally recognised qualification, universities all across Australia will recognise it and may be able to transfer some or all of the credits across to your undergraduate degree. You could in effect get two qualifications (diploma and bachelor’s degree) in a span of 3 years instead of just one (a bachelor’s degree)!




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What I would learn?

The other reason I chose the Diploma of Business was because of the content. The particular course I course would teach me how to manage budgets and financial plans, about recruitment and induction processes, innovative work environments, sales and marketing, project work as well as manage risks. My greatest weakness has always been around sales and marketing and I’m really glad the course I chose will help me fill this knowledge gap and hopefully improve my sales and marketing abilities. I know many other people in business have trouble with sales and marketing and it’s because we’ve been taught and conditioned that sales and marketing is evil. That sales and marketing has no heart, even though that’s so far off from reality. Having done the sales and marketing units for the course has taught me so much and made me realise how without effective sales strategies and crafting the right message, your service or product will never be in the hands of your target market and your business, will effectively fail. So I’m really glad I learnt this and the course helped me change my perspective on sales and marketing!

RTO compliance matters when choosing an education provider.

Choosing the right diploma to study is just one piece of the education puzzle. You want to make sure the education providers, for example, Registered Training Organisation is compliant with all the requests from the education body. RTO’ are governed by the is the Australian and Skills authority – There have been many students that have graduated from their diploma only to find out years later that their qualification is no longer recognized, which means the course accreditation you paid your good money for is now just a piece of paper. Many RTO’s take shortcuts with compliance instead of ensuring they follow the direction provided within the ASQA Standards guide to assist RTOs to understand their obligations under the revised standards. RTO’s that are found not to be compliance hare having to call students and tell them they are required to complete further study as a result of their compliance breach. RTOs that ensure their compliance meets the standards usually use compliance frameworks and software to assist with their requirements. RTOs usually find a credible RTO consultant Education consultants allow the RTO to focus on their core business with is helping students instead of focusing on compliance requirements